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FIUMI is a international music-producer. He work with Artist all over the world.


The year is 1985. While the whole world dancing to Madonna beats FIUMI born on June 6 in Solothurn.
Start playing most children of 6 age flute , guitar, drums or piano , so he lost his little heart to a classical cello .

Playing the cello was not just a simple hobby for him. FIUMI grew his passion for music. If there had been initially given 90 Youtube , he would have been one of the prodigies on the Web, which would have thrilled millions of users probably with his talent .


FIUMIs career as a musician stats Old School : He spent his vacation in music camps , played in duets, ensembles and orchestras . Although he was only 12 years old, he had already played at over 100 concerts. He loved and lived classical music.


The commercial breakthrough of electro music leaves its mark on him . Fascinated by synthesizers , loops and electro legends like Kraftwerk or Infected Mushrooms , wants the quiet boy who played so far "Bach" and " Mozart" , even take the plates into the hands and produce electro beats .

The 13- year-old spends hours , days and nights in his parents' basement to experiment with the music. The result left to hear: * FIUMI is half his age to be allowed into the club * and yet have produced by him * songs * Club maturity.
He was booked with 15 years as LifeAct in various clubs in Switzerland.


The rudimentary 6m2 cellar in the house FIUMI became increasingly converted to a professional home studio. Occasionally leaves FIUMI his Room to return with new instruments . He brings himself how to play guitar and piano and sucks every several available knowledge of music composition and production like a sponge . It was bubbling in the bunker. Talent and passion met with curiosity and perseverance.

The first hip hop beats and freestyles emerged and FIUMIs name began to circulate in the scene.

At the latest when he landed in 2003 at the World Cup in music production the best Swiss music producer among 4800 artists in the Bronze group and the competition of the seriousness of the situation became aware .

What the young Solothurn since produced in his basement , caused quite a stir


The head shaking quickly turned into a swagen nodding to the beats that sounded from the studio. The dream became a reality and "reflect -records " a label that has established itself in the highly competitive Swiss music business. Tyla Durden artists such as , JQ , MC July , Lord Lhus , Block MC Cloud , KC , weesel , Jay Dee, soulma , Deborah Saias , Dayana Petrucci , Rapp Legend Afu -Ra and many more put on the quality of reflect -records . But young artists and musicians of all kinds, count on the expertise of FIUMI and the outstanding quality of the studio.


2011 was the company www.ihre-webagentur.ch which he derives not only as owner & manager but also as a programmer.
Customers such as : Architectures Lanfranconi , Alterswohnen Waldeck Bern Ostermundigen, JQ Perez, Polsagenetics , Fitness Centre Koloseum Gym and many more trust in the reliability of FIUMI .

2012 founded FIUMI the music community musicZONE.ch , an innovative and unique platform for music creators in Switzerland.
This year he was nominated as " Best Music Producer" in the field Hiphop ! The art of his music is growing extremely fast. From classical , pop, techno , Detroid to hip hop , RnB, Dance, Electro - House Music Club to present .

Today FIUMI works as owner and CEO of reflect-records GmbH.

This is only possible , thanks to its versatility . Music producer, artist , programmer , manager and marketing professional . FIUMI is one of a kind ! There are few of its kind that occur as modest as he . No party excesses , no extravagant brands and no attitude. Precisely because he is appreciated in the music business. It's Him solely a question of producing good quality music.


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